University Employment Verification


University administrators can spend more time providing an outstanding educational experience for their students when they are not overburdened by responding to employment verification requests for their employees.

Education professionals provide crucial knowledge and experiences for students, yet many university employers find that personnel can become distracted by employment verification requirements. It is important to keep educators focused on the all-important job of education, and to allow HR departments to carry out their work of finding and retaining the best-qualified personnel.

The solution is to engage i2Verify to automate the university employment verification process. Clients in educational administrative positions choose i2Verify for our consistent levels of customer service and our ability to customize tailor-made solutions – all at no cost to the employer or employee. Outsourcing university employment verification to i2Verify means that:

University employment verification  Verifiers get the employment and income information they need to make important lifestyle lending or benefit decisions for university personnel.

University employment verification  Since university employers may not capture or store employee data in the same manner, i2Verify adapts by customizing our report format to mirror the client’s internal reporting structure.

University employment verification  We have the ability to utilize existing pay types, job titles and wage classifications to provide information to approved verifiers such as mortgage lenders or government agencies.

University employment verification  University personnel have complete visibility into the verification process through the i2Verify employee portal.

University employment verification  We take the time to understand the types of verification requests our clients receive, and then craft our verification response to meet the needs of each individual verifier.

University employment verification doesn’t have to be a drain on education personnel or administration resources.   Turn to the university verification professionals at i2Verify.  Contact us at 888-458-6319  to learn why so many universities are making the switch to our employment verification service.  

Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Download i2Verify's Step-by-Step Guide.

Download Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Employers have a blind sense of security when using third party employment verification services despite the significant potential compliance risks associated with most outsourced vendors. Many HR and Payroll professionals struggle to answer simple questions about the FCRA.

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