Are all Companies Technology Companies?

Every business is a software business.” Watts S. Humphrey, a technology pioneer, made this statement nearly two decades ago. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, has similarly stated: “Every Company is Now a Software Company.”

The sentiment that every company is a technology or software company has become well known. Sometimes the phrasing changes and the word “software” is replaced by other words such as “technology,” but the concept is the same. Technology has intertwined with our daily lives to such a degree that companies must adapt to the latest technologies or risk being left in the dustbin of a bygone era.

Technology’s Influence

It is doubtful that anyone would disagree that technology has intertwined with our daily lives. However, the belief that companies should think of themselves as technology companies is deeply flawed. Technology is a potent tool that can exponentially magnify business strengths. However, technology equally amplifies business weaknesses. As InfoWorld’s article states, “…to view software creation as the primary path to competitiveness may be the wrong strategy.” In other words, companies that continually build or implement technological solutions to solve issues, before first understanding the cause of its problems, run the risk of creating a deeper problem after the new technology is in place.

Problem and Solution

Before implementing a new system to fix company issues, define the problem and determine potential solutions.

  • Can any of the company’s issues be resolved by modifying existing processes or systems?
  • How will new systems solve current issues?
  • What are some of the pitfalls that can appear when implementing new systems?
  • What downstream issues can occur from leaving a current system?

These conversations can also exist at a smaller scale too. Different departments within a company can have these same conversations to determine how technology is and isn’t serving their department’s needs. The IT department will have an easier time implementing a new system for the Finance or HR department once having a clear understanding of how technology will help improve performance for the company.

Can New Technology Help Your Company?

To determine whether new technologies are necessary to help your company’s business, build a team. Let this team be responsible for determining the drivers of the company’s success. As part of this process, the team can define the various issues within the company and how technology is or is not being used to help the business.

Making sure that the team contains members from different departments is necessary. Teams made up of members with a variety of backgrounds will answer questions more thoughtfully than a homogenous one.

If new technologies are needed, the team can explain why and which resources can help with the effort. This more balanced approach enables companies to explore areas of their company, which otherwise may have been ignored.

This team-based approach allows for a constructive discussion on what a company’s issues are and how process or technology changes can help. It is after this thoughtful analysis that a company can transform its business through process-based and possibly technological upgrades.

This approach may require more upfront work due to the increased analysis. But the result is likely to be a stronger, more defined company ready to meet future challenges.


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