Philanthropic Programs

i2Verify likes to give back. We put our time, our profits, and our product to work where they can do the most good.

At i2Verify we realize that many of our clients are in the business of doing good. Whether educating our children, feeding our homeless, taking care of our veterans, or protecting our environment, these non-profits are vested in creating a better world for all of us. Because we believe in their missions, we wanted to do more to give back. We wanted to produce some measurable good of our own.

While employment verification is typically only a small expense for most non-profits, we are happy to be able to eliminate it for them. In 2013 we launched our non-profit give back program where we donate a portion of our revenue from reports sold on the non-profit’s behalf back to that organization.

This allows our non-profit partners not only eliminate the expense associated with employment verification, but to generate recurring, sustainable revenue that can be used to fund their charitable missions.

Learn more and apply for the non-profit give back program.

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