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Learn the most important points about the employment verification process.

Dear Managers and HR Professionals,

As a busy administrator, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about employment verification. But did you know this one little task can have an immense impact on your employees?

When done efficiently, employment verification adds to job satisfaction, increases morale, and helps build a solid work/life balance. But if it’s done haphazardly, morale and productivity suffer because the critical life events of your employees can be negatively impacted.

That’s why i2Verify put together “The Ultimate Guide to Employment Verification”  A Quick and Handy Resource for Any Manager or HR Professional.  This helpful e-book will guide your way to solving employment verification challenges with proven systems, processes and strategies.

Our easy-to-read guide describes what employment verification is, talks about who needs employment verification, and covers the steps involved. Topics include:

Wage Verification Tips  Why is employment verification important?

Wage Verification Tips  How autonomy leads to happy, productive employees.

Wage Verification Tips  Which industries need to provide employment verification?

Wage Verification Tips  What does an employment verification company do?

Wage Verification Tips  What are the benefits of outsourcing employment verification?

Wage Verification Tips  How to evaluate verification providers.

Wage Verification Tips  How often should you review your employment verification program?

Wage Verification Tips  How employment verification can be offered as a crucial employee benefit.

Simplify the employment verification process by downloading this free PDF guide, and discover how employment verification can increase happiness at your company.

i2Verify’s customized reports enable our employees to quickly access the information they need when they need it.

Outsourcing employment and wage verification with i2Verify has freed up resources so we can focus on other critical needs to support our constituents.

Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Download Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Employers have a blind sense of security when using third party employment verification services despite the significant potential compliance risks associated with most outsourced vendors. Many HR and Payroll professionals struggle to answer simple questions about the FCRA.

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