How Employment Verification Can Be a Life Saver for Your Employees

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There are several good reasons for employers to outsource employment verification.

  1. Employees gain visibility and control over their data.
  2. Employers are liberated from an administrative burden.
  3. It can literally be a lifesaver for your employees. Here’s how:

When employees request government assistance, government agencies require specific wage and employment reports prior to granting approval.

Outsourcing employment verification allows for immediate responses to government agencies, thereby enabling employees to receive quicker approval for government assistance. Some well known government programs, that mandate employment verification to be completed prior to approval, include Medicaid, SNAP (Food Stamps), Social Security and Child Support.

Enabling immediate responses to government agencies allows us to oversee many government benefit-related cases. Examples include helping single mothers renew access to expiring SNAP benefits so they can feed their children, ensuring that social security benefits were provided ahead of time, so employees could retire without incident, and ensuring Medicaid approval so that lifesaving surgery could be performed on employees.

These real life examples are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of times annually that outsourced employment verification acts as a lifesaver for your employees. By working closely with government agencies, your outsourced employment verification vendor can help you ensure that this valuable program is effectively put into place for your employees, which is something that will always be remembered.

Let us show you how we can save more lives together with our employment verification service that’s free for employers. For more information, please contact i2Verify here.


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