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Government Processing & Employment Verification

Need help understanding government processing for employment verification?  i2Verify automates the processing of wage and employment verification requests by instantly and securely delivering employment information that verifiers like government agencies rely on to make benefit entitlement decisions. Outsourcing employment verification and government processing to i2Verify allows employers to:

Government Processing Verification Tips Receive the benefits of fast, accurate and consistent employment verification.

Government Processing Verification Tips Develop an employment verification policy that is compliant with FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) guidelines.

Government Processing Verification Tips Provide GEV (Government Employment Verification) reports to verify current and past employment information for their employees to assist in benefit entitlement decisions.

Government Processing Verification Tips Enable their HR personnel to operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness, while remaining within all appropriate government protocols.

The need for government processing doesn’t have to place an undue burden on corporate HR departments. Contact us today at 888-458-6319 to learn why so many top-performing companies choose i2Verify as their employment verification service.

Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Download i2Verify's Step-by-Step Guide.

Download Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Employers have a blind sense of security when using third party employment verification services despite the significant potential compliance risks associated with most outsourced vendors. Many HR and Payroll professionals struggle to answer simple questions about the FCRA.

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