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When we started i2Verify, we did so with the simple idea that employment verification begins with an employee life event that must be handled as quickly and securely as possible.

Since that time we have processed hundreds of thousands of requests, enabled employers to save valuable time and money by outsourcing the employment verification process and allowed employees visibility and control to the verification process.

As we move forward in our journey, we will continue to add innovative new features that will save more time and add more value to the employment verification process.

We created an infographic which highlights our key features below. As always, we value your support and appreciate your feedback.

Outsource Employment Verification

Verification solution for modern HR organizations.

i2Verify is an income and employment verification solution designed to provide instant access to employment and wage data. i2Verify automates the processing of wage and employment verification requests by instantly and securely delivering employment information that requestors like banks or government agencies rely on to make credit-granting or benefit entitlement decisions. i2Verify is free for employers, and reduces your HR team’s administrative burden, allowing more time to focus on core competencies, reducing the risk for error, and eliminating the possibility for fraud.

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