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23 Apr: 3 Tips to Free Yourself From a Bad Employment Verification Relationship

If your current employment and wage verification provider is not performing up to your standards, you can easily switch to a new provider by keeping these three tips in mind. 1) Your Data Belongs to You Somewhat obvious; yet, many employers forget to review their contract which may stipulate that employment and wage verifications may be processed on your employee’s data records even if you’re not an active client. If your contract has this language, make sure to formally request…

03 Feb: What the Equifax Data Breach Means for Employers

What Happened In the wake of the recently announced Equifax data breach that exposed the personal information of 143 million U.S. consumers, it pays for HR teams to review how you are protecting your employee data. With our country having a population of 323 million it means that over 44% of U.S. residents just had their information exposed, as reported by NPR. As all the details have not yet been released, we can’t speak to all the security aspects of…

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22 Jan: How to Win at Employee Retention: Learn from a Nobel Prize Winner

Behavioral economist, Richard Thaler recently won the Nobel Prize for his work that essentially demonstrated that people are illogical and while believing that they make great choices, consistently do not. Remember how several years ago companies world-wide started to automatically enroll employees in retirement savings plans? That was due to Thaler’s work. Before Thaler, economists used models predicated on the thought that people based their financial decisions on logic. So why does this matter? Here’s why. Ask any retiree without…

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