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Employment Verification Insights


07 Nov: The Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Dear HR Managers, Simplify the employment verification process by downloading this 32 page PDF guide. Inside you will learn our best advice from our team’s decades of experience with the employment verification field. This helpful PDF will guide your way to solving employment verification challenges with proven systems, processes and strategies. Download this guide to learn:   Which industries need to provide employment verification?   What are the benefits of outsourcing employment verification?   How to evaluate verification providers.  …

Easy-to-read guide on How Public Service Loan Forgiveness Works. Download Free PDF now.

05 Sep: HR Managers: Automate Your PSLF Forms

Learn how to create a winning public service loan forgiveness strategy. As a non-profit or service organization, your employees may be eligible for a crucial employment benefit – Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). Download this guide to learn:      What is PSLF and how does it work?   How do employees qualify for PSLF?   Which non-profits need to provide employment verification?   How do employers certify employment for PSLF?   How i2Verify’s HR tool reduces time spent completing forms. This helpful…


16 Apr: Employment Verification Simplified

Dear Readers, When we started i2Verify, we did so with the simple idea that employment verification begins with an employee life event that must be handled as quickly and securely as possible. Since that time we have processed hundreds of thousands of requests, enabled employers to save valuable time and money by outsourcing the employment verification process and allowed employees visibility and control to the verification process. As we move forward in our journey, we will continue to add innovative…

i2verify - payroll is the belly of the corporate world

06 Feb: Payroll is the belly of the corporate world – sorry Operations

As Labor Day approaches, it may be timely to ponder the notion that each department, regardless of size, deems itself the heart of the organization. Perhaps it’s the brain or maybe the heart. Nobody ever picks the belly. The poor stomach. It’s rarely thought about or brought up as a topic of conversation unless…it’s not doing its job. Our hearts beat constantly reminding us of its governance of the system. When we get nervous, our hearts race and then, just…

i2verify - employment verification

09 Jan: Employment Verification – The Most Often Overlooked Employee Benefit

As an employer, you work hard to build and maintain a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with your employees. You know that happy employees are one of your most important assets and do the best you can to provide the kind of work environment and benefits that attract and retain the best people. But, despite your best intentions and efforts, you might be overlooking one of the most important employee benefits you can provide. The Savvy Employer’s Secret: Employment Verification According…

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