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07 Nov: The Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Dear HR Managers, Simplify the employment verification process by downloading this 32 page PDF guide. Inside you will learn our best advice from our team’s decades of experience with the employment verification field. This helpful PDF will guide your way to solving employment verification challenges with proven systems, processes and strategies. Download this guide to learn:   Which industries need to provide employment verification?   What are the benefits of outsourcing employment verification?   How to evaluate verification providers.  …

Easy-to-read guide on How Public Service Loan Forgiveness Works. Download Free PDF now.

05 Sep: HR Managers: Automate Your PSLF Forms

Learn how to create a winning public service loan forgiveness strategy. As a non-profit or service organization, your employees may be eligible for a crucial employment benefit – Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). Download this guide to learn:      What is PSLF and how does it work?   How do employees qualify for PSLF?   Which non-profits need to provide employment verification?   How do employers certify employment for PSLF?   How i2Verify’s HR tool reduces time spent completing forms. This helpful…

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