Customized Employee Portal

Customized Employee Portals For Employment Verification

Companies who value employee privacy appreciate i2Verify’s customized employee portal.  By offering employees secure access to requested wage and employment data, they will feel respected and show higher levels of motivation and loyalty.  The customized employee portal at i2Verify allows employees to:

Customized Employee Portal Benefits  Receive the benefits of fast and accurate employment verification.

Customized Employee Portal Benefits  Find out what data has been requested and who is receiving their information.

Customized Employee Portal Benefits  Exercise control by blocking access to their data, adding security features, and receiving notifications of employment verification – all at no cost to the employer.

Customized Employee Portal Benefits  Feel less stress and anxiety because they have access to the portal at all times.

Customized Employee Portal Benefits  Know when authorized verifiers such as banks or government agencies have requested their employment data.

Customized Employee Portal Benefits  Follow-up on the status of any requests for Verification of Income, Verification of Employment, or Government Reports.

Customized Employee Portal Benefits  Concentrate more fully on performing their job functions because they don’t have to worry about employment verification.

At i2Verify our verification solution is built around the employee experience, and that all starts with a customized employee portal. Contact us today at 888-458-6319 to learn why so many top-performing companies choose i2Verify as their employment verification service.

Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Download i2Verify's Step-by-Step Guide.

Download Ultimate Guide To Employment Verification

Employers have a blind sense of security when using third party employment verification services despite the significant potential compliance risks associated with most outsourced vendors. Many HR and Payroll professionals struggle to answer simple questions about the FCRA.

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