EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION SIMPLIFIED Instantly respond to employment verification requests and provide employees with secure access to their wage and employment data. Request a Demo Sign In Register EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION SIMPLIFIED Instantly respond to employment verification requests and provide employees with secure access to their wage and employment data. Request a Demo Sign In Register

Why Outsource Employment Verification?

Spend time on human resources, not process administration.

Verification solution for modern HR organizations.

i2Verify is an income and employment verification solution designed to provide instant access to employment and wage data. i2Verify automates the processing of wage and employment verification requests by instantly and securely delivering employment information that requestors like banks or government agencies rely on to make credit granting or benefit entitlement decisions.

i2Verify is free for employers, and reduces your HR team’s administrative burden, allowing more time to focus on core competencies, reducing the risk for error, and eliminating possibility for fraud.

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Why Top Performing Organizations Choose i2Verify

The leading verification solution for modern HR groups.

Customizable Reporting

We realize that all employers don’t capture or store employee data in the same manner. At i2Verify, we customize our report format to mirror our client’s internal reporting structure. We use their pay types, job titles, and wage classifications. We display multiple breaks in employment, job title and divisional changes, as well as detailed employee analytics. Our employment reports provide requestors with a detailed picture of an employee’s wage and employment history, not just a boilerplate verification response.

Loved by Employees

Employment verification begins with an employee life event. When a verification request is received, it is imperative to your employee that your response is timely and accurate. i2Verify does not delay our response to requestors in order to get paid for data. We also don’t limit employee access / visibility into the verification process. Through the i2Verify employee portal, employees are allowed complete visibility into the verification process. Employees can limit or block access to their data, generate their own reports, or choose to be notified when someone views their data.

Secure Employee Data

We believe employee data is one of an organization’s most valuable assets. At i2Verify, not only do we keep your data secure by utilizing high-grade TLS encryption in transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest, we employ multiple firewalls within our application as well powerful IDS and IPS systems. All in a data center that is SAS70 II certified. But that’s only half the story, unlike other verification vendors, i2Verify does not resell your sensitive employee data to debt collectors or skip tracking companies.

Seamless Implementation

We’ve migrated customers to i2Verify’s solution from all of the major verification vendors. We are completely compatible with any of the multiple data formats being used by vendors today. In most cases, we can accept your current file without any changes whatsoever. If you haven’t outsourced your verification program, we will provide a dedicated i2Verify IT resource that can assist you with the creation of a data feed, making on-boarding simple and cost effective.

Continued Support

i2Verify makes it easy for verifiers, employees, and employers to get live support whenever they need it. Our Massachusetts based support team is available live during business hours to support our users.  Part of our mission is to deliver an exceptional customer service experience that makes us stand out from other employment verification providers.  Read reviews of i2Verify’s employment verification solutions from HR managers and university administrators on our testimonials page.

Unexpected Time Savings

Many employers are surprised to find that even after they’ve decided to outsource their employment verification processing, they are still burdened with verification requests. Most verification providers only offer a template verification response based on a standard data set which leaves many verification requests unanswered. At i2Verify, we take the time to understand the types of verification requests our clients are receiving. We then craft our verification response to meet the needs of each individual verifier.

What People Say

We’re recommended by employers, verifiers, and employees.

i2Verify’s customized reports enable our employees to quickly access the information they need when they need it.

Outsourcing employment and wage verification with i2Verify has freed up resources so we can focus on other critical needs to support our constituents.

Evaluating verification providers?

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